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From On Site Sales, BUYING OUTRIGHT, or packing up a household for donation.

Estate Sales and Liquidation – 35 yrs.
Company – Everything Goes. Helps individuals sell one item or liquidate an entire estate. Works with realtors and attorneys in liquidating tangible assets. Also has a working crew and a list of buyers who buy items from estates. For 40 years Kate Ullman has bought and sold stuff. She has gone from prowling flea markets to owning her own shop selling collectibles in the Castro District of San Francisco. Her current business called “Everything Goes” has her seeking out people who want to downsize their lifestyle or liquidate their estates and buying and selling the items she finds valuable.

Kate has served on the Board chair for The L-Fund, an organization that provides emergency funds for lesbians in crisis and offers money for lesbians looking to improve their lives through education. She can help you sell your stuff as well as act out your thoughts in her theater group and if you accidentally sell her a suitcase full of treasures she will return it. She has lived in Palm Springs for nearly 20 years and has clearly made it a better place.

Customers – Individuals and companies who are charged with disposing of the property and assets of an estate.

Philosophy – No job is too big or small.

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Kate Ullman
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