There is a new promoter in town that brings another layer of entertainment for lesbians to the Valley. The company is called HerSheBar and the promoter is Lupe Pacheco and her wife Tema, well known party givers from Santa Rosa. For several years Lupe also headed the Russian River Women’s Weekend.

Tema is the deejay and Lupe works the crowd introducing herself and making sure everyone is in the mix. In fact, she usually hires a couple of women to make sure women meet each other and have a good time. She said, “I don’t do it for the money, I do it to help generate a sense of community among women.”  She is looking for a regular venue where she can have her events on a monthly basis like in Santa Rosa. She moved here specifically to become a part of the vibrant lesbian community and add to the social scene.

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Lupe Pacheco
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