Very exciting meeting on Monday, November 11 at 3:00.  We will be showing the award winning film “The Passionate Pursuits of Angela Bowen” at 3pm at Mizell Senior Center in Palm Springs.  All Old Lesbians welcome.  If you hope to be an Old Lesbian you are also welcome.  Bring a snack to share – or don’t if you don’t want to.   I’ll bring brownies.  Water will be provided.  Membership in OLOC is not required.  We will have membership info available if you are interested.

The film looks into the life of Angela Bowen (1936–2018), who was a black lesbian feminist activist, a classical ballerina and renowned dance teacher, and ultimately a professor in the California State University system. Her activism was equally strong in all aspects of her life – she was as impassioned in her advocacy for the arts as she was for LGBTQI rights, which she championed as strongly as she did black women’s rights.

The Passionate Pursuits  follows Bowen’s life from her childhood as a black girl in inner-city Boston during the Jim Crow era across the decades, until she became a legendary figure in her pursuits as a teacher, writer, feminist and activist. The film includes historic footage, photographs and interviews with key people from her past, such as her dance mentor, her dance partner, her former husband, her children, activists, and scholars. Interwoven throughout the film’s narrative is the recognition of how race, class, gender and sexuality influenced her, and played into her choices and her survival strategies.

The film maker, Jennifer Abod was Angela’s very long-term partner.


Ruth Debra