New Year
Lamentations of 

Isis and Nephthys

Friday, November 15th 
6:15 PM to 8:00PM
Proceeds Benefit
The Goddess Temple of Palm Springs
New Location Project
       This ritual is taken from the “Egyptian Book of the Dead” and prepares us for the New Year by renewing our female energy.  By participating in the Nebhet Ritual, you are portraying the Virgin Priestesses of Isis!  We ask that you prepare yourself (one week prior to the Nebhet Sedar) with daily “renewal” meditation and diet. Please wear “white” (or red/gold acceptable) to the New Year ritual.
DONATION: $20 or Love Offering
FOOD: bring a new non perishable food item to be donated to those in need.
RSVP: for seating & meal count:
Jayne DeMente, Host
Sharon Siegel, 310-770-3823 or