Our song of the year, BREATHE by India.Arie. “Inspired by the death of Eric Garner and in solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives, India.Arie presents BREATHE. India sings this song to grieve those we have lost while powerfully affirming life. The song was co-writen and co-produced by India.Arie and Aaron Lindsey.”

We will probably be playing it for three more years of 45’s shenanigans. The violence against Black Lives is not just the hands and guns of the police. White violence, like voter suppression, continues against the black community.

For example, during the Roy Moore/Doug Jones election, black voters in Alabama had to over come the attacks and subterfuge at play at the polls. Polls were moved or closed without notice. Black voter were made inactive and either not allowed to vote or voted provisionally until they could “prove” their identity. Waited in long lines manufactured in predominantly black areas, created by “estimated low turn out” (thanks to the Alabama Secretary of State). Faced police at “select” polling places; police who were running wants and warrants and arresting people. The white fear-mongering and obstructionism went on and on. Our neighbors in Alabama “reclaimed their time.” Black women voters helped tip the election in Alabama, allowing the country to be able to raise our head up a little in the process. And all through that election, this song played on repeat on our playlist. And, it will probably be playing for three more years. As India says, “In times like these we must continue to breathe.”

Black Americans deal with systemic acts against their civil rights at every turn. White silence is violence. Speak up. #blacklivesmatter