Not Welcome to the Club

The promoters Lucy and Gail were recently told there were no longer welcome at the 360 Club following a Dinah Shore Weekend party that drew more than a hundred women. According to Lucy DeBardelaben after the party she was told by Tony, the manager, they could not come back because they didn’t make the club enough money. However, once the receipts were counted they had in fact made the agreed upon food and beverage minimum plus several hundred dollars more. Joyce Oldham, who produced the party said there were no incidents, disputes or damages to the club and she had no idea why they had been banned.  From all reports it was a great party with deejay Jiji Sweet rocking the house. One couple who were in town from Atlanta said it was one of the best parties they had attended over the weekend. When asked about their thoughts on this Lucy said “if our memory serves us correctly we’ve been thrown out of better places than this one.” When asked if she thought this was racially motivated she said, “racism is too serious an issue to play the race card every time you get insulted.  Maybe it was menopause.”