In a rare incident in the never ending saga of mass shootings, the person that shot three people at the YouTube headquarters in Menlo Park, CA. was a woman.  In our gun crazed society women almost never shoot up the saloon. We did an informal survey of lesbians and found out that only a few were gun owners, most were appalled at the thought of having a firearm. Those women that did own guns were clear in their desire to be able to protect themselves against intruders, muggers and the usual assortment of crooks all of whom they saw as being men whom they had no chance of defending themselves against without a weapon. The non- gun owners were less articulate as to why they chose not to arm themselves but it seemed to be simply a fear of guns. When asked what they would do if confronted with someone bent on doing them harm they seem to have no idea. Hiding in the closet and calling the police did come up as an option. For those women who are interested is buying a gun there is a group of women called Desert Shooters who get together and learn safe gun techniques and practice shooting at the local gun ranges. There are also classes at the Palm Springs Police Department. Send us an email if you are interested and we can put you in touch.