On Thursday night June 14, 2018, Palm Springs Pride honored the contributions of 80 LGBTQ men and women and their allies with a reception at the Hyatt Hotel. The event called 80 OUTstanding Voices celebrated the achievements of the gay and lesbian community in the city of Palm Springs and the Valley during the 80 years the city has existed.
On its 80th birthday the city of Palm Springs has much to reflect on, some positive and some not so much. While it is now a haven for the LGBTQ community it has not always been so. Behind the facade of the playground of the Hollywood stars is a history of small town bigotry and intolerance.  However, Palm Springs has – with substantial help from the gay community – tried to move beyond its past, and has succeeded in electing the first and only entirely LGBT City Council in the USA.
Some photos of the event, the speakers and some honorees:
Photography by Sunny Wood