If someone can be credited with bringing the Palm Springs lesbian community into the 21st Century, arguably it is Marnie Hesson. 15 years ago if you wanted to have a party – you got on the phone and called your 10 friends and told them to spread the word. That’s what you had to do before Marnie started the L Spot – the first social media outlet in the Valley devoted to what was going on with lesbians. Hesson said, “I originally started the L Spot as a way to bring women together for hiking and biking and various outdoor events. I had a launch party at Hunter’s and to my surprise 80 women showed up talking about the need to get together on a regular basis.” That event led to the L-Spot promoting and advertising a variety of women’s events on-line, and the beginning of a monthly mixer around town that drew about 150 women per month. The L Spot became the model for the producers and promoters today who provide social activities for the women’s community.

By 2008 Hesson had sold the L Spot and moved away from Palm Springs to build her business as a massage therapist. After several years of developing a client base in various parts of Southern California she returned to Palm Springs to pick up where she left off. Now she juggles her massage business with a new version of the L Spot called LOL – Lesbians on Location, a monthly mixer the second Wednesday of each month. It’s has become one of the most popular events in town and still draws more than a hundred women.

Marnie Hesson is what people used to call a “Renaissance” person and maybe still do. She excels at and is dedicated to many things. She talks about the importantance of massage therapy – particularly for older people who often feel better by simply being touched. She sees LOL as her contribution to the community and gives most of the proceeds from these monthly mixers to one charity or another. She also is a writer, an artist who paints and works in wood and an accomplished photographer.

Marnie was born and raised in Palm Springs and went to Palm Springs High School where her prowess in volley ball led to a college scholarship in Hawaii. So you can add spiking the ball to the list of things she can do better than the rest of us. This is the story of a “small town girl who finds success in the big city but comes back to her hometown to the people who need her most.”