When Sunny Wood moved to Desert Hot Springs in 2017 and opened her web design business she brought a level of talent and skill not often found in small towns. Her business is called Macs ‘n More, and offers a range of services rarely found within a single company. She is a one woman “dream team” as her customers will attest to. Her lesbian clients include the L-Fund and The Palm Springs Women’s Jazz Festival.

Her credentials will make you dizzy. She is a professional photographer with extensive experience in video editing. She spent many years in Hollywood working as a Colorist for many film and video post-production companies whose clients were the big studios like Universal, Disney and Warner Bros. A “Colorist” creates or adjusts the color of a film to fit the mood of the script with the help of a lot of advanced technology. If that is not enough she is an expert in Apple computers and software. Did I mention she also studied at the UCLA Film School and the Otis College of Art and Design in L.A..

In 1995 she left Hollywood and moved to Seattle with her partner to raise their son. She ran her own colorist-for-hire-worldwide business until 2000 when she moved to back to California to create film and video post-production courses for Humboldt State University. By 2004 she was in Oregon with her family working with computer technology as an Apple technology specialist for the Eugene School District.

In her youth she had spent time in the desert with her father and when in 2016 a friend invited her to spend Xmas in Desert Hot Springs she readily accepted. She was now single and after a 9 day visit decided this was the place to retire. However, she forgot to retire and now has a thriving business.

“The desert opened up a whole new life for me. I have travelled around the world and for the first time feel completely free to be creative and explore life to the fullest. My son is grown and recently married and I couldn’t be happier. I love the desert life.” And women in the desert certainly love having her here.