Calling all Sisters who have Saturday mornings off, and who love cinema! Wow, that is a lot! Galz we’ve got the theatre to ourselves to watch the film narrated by Rita Mae Brown called BEFORE STONEWALL. It is one of the few stories of this time, created by lots of women about everyone. Look through the IMDB list and you’ll see women in every job of the making of this film. THIS IS HEARD OF SO RARELY. WOMEN
Come join us Saturday, July 6th @ 10am and on the first Saturdays of each month for a cinema social!
Shop @ the Palm Springs Certified Farmer’s Market and bring your insulated shopping bag- keep those veggies crisp and cool while you watch a movie and grab a snack! Enjoy this special screening for The Saturday Sisterhood Of Cinema.
If the movie gets you thinking, meet us upstairs at the Camelot Café VIP Lounge for sips, nibbles and convo.
The Saturday Sisterhood Of Cinema is a local-meet up group for women to gather, socialize, and see quality cinema. The group meets on the 1st Saturday of every month, for a special 10am screening at the Cultural Center – Camelot Theaters.