Lauren Nile, an attorney and motivational speaker, has decided to join the great migration of lesbians moving to Palm Springs in recent years. She and her wife, social worker, Barbara Tyler, have moved here permanently from Pasadena. Nile said that after connecting with the women’s community in Palm Springs they felt they were “orbiting the world alone in Pasadena.”

Bothe Nile and Tyler have been active in the women’s movement for many years, Nile as an attorney for the Women’s Equity Action League in Washington DC and Tyler as a longtime supporter of Black lesbian organizations.

Nile, who recently retired from her job as a Compliance Director at Cal Poly, has already started to make her mark on the women’s community here. On June 2, she will conduct a workshop for women at The Center on race and politics called “Viewing the World through the Lens of Race.”

She is also the new Director of Programming for The Women’s Circle, a business organization designed to better connect lesbian business-owners and professionals with the LGBTQ community.

Palm Springs is clearly on its way to becoming a major watering hole for lesbians looking to get involved in politics and social change. How about a Lesbian Mayor ?