Constance Clare’s mother raised her with the hope she would dance with the New York City Ballet, but then who listens to their mother. Instead she decided dancing horses were better than dancing people and took up riding and Dressage – that’s where the horse appears to prance and dance. She even moved to Europe where she worked as a horse trainer. But by 1990 she was in her mid-20s and back in the States and back in the dance business.

She moved from New York to San Francisco to connect with more lesbians and became a part of the first lesbian dance company in the Bay Area – Purple Moon Dance Company. However, she suffered a number of injuries, which is not uncommon among dancers, and discovered something that would change the direction of her life and give her a new profession.

It’s called the Alexander Technique, a method discovered in England during the 19th century that helps people heal their bodies by learning to move the right way and release tight muscle patterns. It’s about using your mind and emotions to determine how you should use your body to move about in everyday life without injury. The technique was first perfected for dancers and actors who used their bodies in their work.  Constance described it as “working with yourself to decide how to your body should move instead of being told things like ‘stand up straight’ by your doctor.” It has nothing to do with chiropractors but does employ gentle hands-on movements.

Constance is an Alexander Technique practitioner who is available to see clients and to introduce them to this old, but new way for many, to look at your body. She will be conducting a series of workshops for women in the Coachella Valley starting in the winter and it seems to be something we could all use if just to recover from too much Netflix.