There is a new promoter in town that brings another layer of entertainment for lesbians to the Valley. The company is called HerSheBar and the promoter is Lupe Pacheco and her wife Tema, well known party givers from Santa Rosa. For several years Lupe also headed the Russian River Women’s Weekend.

Lupe – who came to the States as a child from Cuba – spent her childhood in the Bronx. After a stint in the Army, she moved to California in 1990. She got into the event business when the only women’s bar in Santa Rosa shut down and no one opened another one. She said “I kept waiting and waiting for a new bar to open.” When it didn’t she approached a local restaurant and asked to bring in a gay party on their slow night and much to her surprise about 400 people showed up. It took off after that and became a regular monthly event attracting both young and older gay men and women. It was the only game in town for many years.

She has tested the water here in the Valley with a couple of events that have been well attended and well received. Her wife is the deejay and Lupe works the crowd introducing herself and making sure everyone is in the mix. In fact, she usually hires a couple of women to make sure women meet each other and have a good time. She said, “I don’t do it for the money, I do it to help generate a sense of community among women.”  She is looking for a regular venue where she can have her events on a monthly basis like in Santa Rosa. She moved here specifically to become a part of the vibrant lesbian community and add to the social scene.

When she is not planning events she and her wife are caring for their two adopted sons at their home in Cathedral City. Lupe is not only a promoter she is also a Stanford trained physician’s assistant who works in urgent care facilities. She feels right at home in the Coachella Valley, and the women who live here and attend her events feel right at home with her style and brand of party giving. She is a welcome addition to the list of promoters who provide lesbians with social and cultural outlets to help Palm Springs become the go-to place for women looking to hang out with other women.