Did you hear the one about the girl who kissed another girl and turned into a comic? Well, meet Palm Springs comic Shann Carr, whose life reads like a joke from a late night TV show. According to Shann, who was a military brat and grew up on bases around the world, she never even thought about being a lesbian until two life-changing events occurred within weeks of each other: she kissed a girl at summer camp and saw a performance of lesbian comic Kate Clinton. Dazed and stunned by these experiences a voice called out to her to take to the road and become a girl-kissing comic.

Following her inner voices she got out some scissors and paper, doctored up some fake reviews, including at least one from the New York Times praising her gifted talent, and with the Damron Guide to lead her, drove from gay bar to gay bar waving her glowing reviews and looking for someone to hire her. Each job bought the gas and food to get to the next bar as she honed her comedy skills and started to get some real reviews praising her work.

Today, Shann is one of the hardest working women in the gay community, splitting her time between endlessly volunteering for activities that lift up the community to selling real estate to being a well know performer on gay cruises. She is tireless, funny and gives you a good feeling just being around her.

She produces local comedy shows, works on the annual gay and lesbian film festival and is involved in the upcoming Lesbo Expo. She is a member of the Women’s Circle and is a role model for the rest of us to remember if you want to get something done just jump in the car and go for it – and don’t forget your reviews from the New York Times.