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As a member of the LGBTQ Community Leadership Council we wish to join the group effort to support the LGBTQ community during this extraordinary time of crisis and uncertainty.
We would like to provide a Corona Virus Hot Line to the Lesbian community that will allow for quick and easy contact in matching women in need of support with volunteers that can help them. Lucy and Gail is working with Barbara Carpenter from the L-Fund and Ruth Debra from OLOC to set up this service.
Step A. Solicit Volunteers
1.  As a volunteer you agree to associate yourself with a Lesbian living in your area who is sheltered in place because of age and/or illness and needs assistance in errands and check-up calls to make sure she is not in crisis.
2.   Care will be taken not to overburden the volunteers and to stay within the boundaries of their time and abilities.
3.   There will be no physical contact between the caller and the volunteer. The volunteer will not enter the home of the person being served but will arrange for the services over the phone or via email and any pick-ups or deliveries will be done at the doorstep.
4.    The caller will be screened by the hotline before the volunteer is contacted to assure that the call is appropriate and is not a medical emergency or a request that is outside the scope of the volunteer’s commitment.
5.    A volunteer may remove her name from the list at any time.
Step B. Set up the Hot Line 
1.   Once there is a sufficient number of volunteers, information about the hotline will be made available via organizations that serve the Lesbian community.
2.   The Hot Line will answer calls and emails between 8am-8pm each day.
3.   The Hot Line will be the first contact for assistance.
4.   The Hotline is available to guide the volunteer as well as arrange services for the caller.
5.  Callers who need service that cannot be provided by volunteers, e.g., financial assistance, health services will be referred to appropriate sources.
Sign Up to Volunteer Return this email with your name, area you live in and a phone number to reach you. Contact Lucy and Gail for any questions or call 760-416-3545. We will keep you advised as the Hotline is put in place.
Lucy and Gail