Your Women's Circle

Meet people, learn things, find support, sell products, share ideas, develop contacts, and feel better about it all.

A place for LGBTQ women to connect wherever they are.


A New Organization for
• Business owners
• Professionals
• Activists
• Advocates
• Artists
• Writers
• Musicians
• Innovators
• The curious
• The interested

Member Tools

• Become a part of a national support network

Free and affordable advertising and promotions

• Zoom presentations with leading professionals

• You tube exhibits to display artistic work

• Hosted social gatherings to catch up and show out

• An on-line member’s directory of resources

• Free and discounted promotion on social media

• On-line seminars and workshop to improve skills

• Customized advertising packages

• Networking Opportunities

Membership - only $99 annually (includes 1 free ad)