YOUR WOMEN'S CIRCLE is an organization for women looking to connect and benefit from an exchange of information, ideas and resources with LGBTQ women who aspire to improve their professional, business and personal interaction.  

Lesbian professionals and business owners first came together in Palm Springs, California to form an organization offering an opportunity for them to network and share stories and resources. We now invite women from everywhere to join them, making Your Women’s Circle a national organization.

We get together to pass on referrals and knowledge to help grow businesses and careers. Educational and social events are also an integral part of the organization.

This group has become an important part of our effort to keep focused since the appearance of the Covid virus. When the virus changed the way people interacted and did business the organization moved on-line to Zoom and Facebook and other internet resources to stay connected both professionally and socially and to be there for each other as friends.

We believe that there is strength in numbers. As a group, our members share ideas, resources  and experiences. They help each other find the tools they need to personally and professionally grow.



Membership – The annual membership is $99 per year. It guarantees members a constant presence on the web site and FaceBook. Any additional services can be purchased as needed during the year.